What is FrictionLabs?

We are a group of long-time climbers and scientists who realized that all the chalk out there was just awful. It just didn't make sense that we were obsessing over the rubber and fit of our shoes but totally ignoring the quality of the stuff we put on our hands for grip. We decided to use science to engineer the perfect chalk for rock climbing. As we tested and developed our products, the reaction we got when people tried it was amazing, so we decided to start a business around the idea that Chalk Matters. We're committed to doing everything we can to give you the best grip possible in order to help you climb better and send more problems. See what our customers think about us.

What makes your chalk better? Isn’t all chalk pretty much the same?

Before we showed up on the scene, all chalk was pretty much the same: bad. So we did our research and started engineering a far more pure form of Magnesium Carbonate. We also developed three unique blends to meet the needs of different rock climbers, because everyone has their own texture preference. Other chalk has fillers that don’t absorb moisture, which gets in the way of your skin and the hold.  You wouldn't step onto a climb with mud on your shoes...so why would you get on a hold with fillers on your hands? Check out what others say when they try our chalk.

This chalk is crazy good. What’s in it? Am I cheating by using it?

We actually think it's kind of cheating to use the stuff with drying agents and other crap in there. Our chalk is lab grade Magnesium Carbonate, so it's chemically more pure than ordinary chalk. Other chalk has fillers that don't absorb moisture, resulting in extra material between you and the hold. These fillers prevent you from having as much friction as possible. That's also why it's so much better at keeping your hands dry and staying on them longer. Simpler, higher quality, better.

Which blend is right for me?

No matter which blend you go with, it's going to be much better than the garbage you've been putting on your hands. Stickier, longer lasting, and nicer on your skin. We've put some basic guidelines on the sign up page about the conditions that each blend is designed for. But if you just aren't sure, we also give you the option to get a sample of all three - 1oz of each.

How many ounces should I order?

This mostly depends on your climbing frequency and the conditions where you climb. On average, a 1-2 x per week climber can probably get by with 2.5oz in a month. 3-4 x per week needs 5oz. and 5-7 x per week needs 7.5oz. But be prepared - as soon as your deadbeat, greedy friends try it, their hands are going to be in your chalk bag constantly, so you might need more than you think!

Can I change, pause, or cancel my subscription?

Easy. Just email us at info@frictionlabs.com and let us know. Assuming we get the request before we ship out your order for that month, you won't be charged for the original order type. If you send it after we've already put your package in the mail, your changes will apply to the next month.

Are there start up or cancellation fees?

Not at all. No strings attached. Seriously.

What is your return and refund policy?

All sales are final and there are no refunds unless we have made a mistake.

I’m afraid of commitment...Do I have to do a subscription?

For sure, let's date before we get married. On the sign up page, right beneath the big green order buttons, you'll see a link to buy a single pack. But just to warn you - it's more expensive than the monthly package. Like everything else in climbing, commitment is rewarded.

Why is your chalk more expensive than other chalks out there?

Almost every other chalk company gets their chalk from the same factories in China and Taiwan. Some mix it with other chemicals like drying agents, and some just sell it as is. It's almost all the same stuff, they just package it differently. None of these companies believe what we believe: Chalk Matters. We only sell laboratory grade Magnesium Carbonate, which is more expensive to manufacture. And we believe it's worth it to pay a little more for GREAT chalk that helps you send instead of mediocre chalk that doesn't.

Your chalk is awesome, is there a way I can get a discount?

Yes, we have an Ambassador program where you earn discounts by getting other people to sign up for monthly subscriptions. Check out the details here.

I live outside of the U.S., can I still get your chalk?

Yes! We’ve designed custom bulk packages that allow you to receive plenty of chalk while minimizing your shipping costs, as shipping our standard sizes simply isn’t cost efficient for International orders. Depending on your climbing frequency, these bulk amounts should last you anywhere from about several months to a year, so you'll be set for a long while. Check out the details here.