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“I have never felt a chalk that stays on my hands so long and keeps my hands as dry as FrictionLabs does.”
"Before FrictionLabs I really didn't notice the difference in chalks but FrictionLabs chalk works like magic from the moment you put it on, touch the rock, and clip the chains."
“When you put so much time and effort into climbing it is good to know you have the best chalk on the market. Trying to climb hard with bad chalk is like racing a car with worn out tires, no fun! Thanks to FrictionLabs for no more surprises and for helping me feel glued to that asphalt!”
“I've got the genetic curse of sweaty hands, which has nearly been the demise of my climbing. I've battled with this ailment for years but then finally found FrictionLabs. This stuff has drastically changed my comfort and success in climbing."
“These guys make the best chalk in the game hands down. If you haven't tried their chalk, you're missing out.”
FrictionLabs proves that you don’t need to be a big company to make a huge difference in the industry. FrictionLabs chalk will definitely change the relationship between your hands and the surface you’re clinging to. Just try it out for yourself.
Sam Elias

"If you use uncut FrictionLabs chalk in a consistent environment, it will outperform any other chalk, and you will literally feel a difference. That's how it was for me. I was climbing in the same gym for weeks, training on the same problems, and I vividly remember the day I used pure FrictionLabs chalk for the first time. The product speaks for itself."

Diego Lopez Montull

"I consider myself very very strict with the chalk I use because friction definitely matters, so chalk matters. If you want to upgrade your climbing, use the best: FrictionLabs."

Jon Glassberg

"I have spent the better part of 20 years slipping, sliding, and greasing off my projects. After my first day using FrictionLabs chalk I was sold and haven't looked back. Being a big guy with ultra sweaty hands, I am always battling thin, leaky skin that is prone to splitting, but FrictionLabs has revolutionized my grip and kept me climbing longer during a session and stickier on the rock."

Sam Davis

"Friction Labs - This chalk keeps me climbing in Hueco year round. Nothing else even comes close in the humidity of the monsoon season and its a game changer during season."

Jamie Emerson

“ was only a matter of days before I realized I wanted it every time I pulled on, the rock or plastic...I also end up using much less chalk than I normally would, which means the same amount of chalk lasts much longer than a normal block or bag. Once you've had something so good you can never go back."

Rob Pizem

“Don't slip and slide on the rocks, leave that sh*t for the kids”

Randy Ruggieri

“Indoors and outdoors the Unicorn Dust preformed great. My hands sweat ALOT when I climb and the extra fine texture really made it an adhesive to my hands.”

Laura S.

“Works great and doesn't dry my hands out like most chalks do...Deff really psyched to get unicorn dusted and send some harder stuff. Even more psyched to have chalk that doesn't make me cringe when I reach into my chalk bag.”

Brandon Gezel

“I noticed that it would actually stay on my hands when other kinds of chalk wouldn't. Even after climbing 10+ moves my hands were still dry!”

Victoria Gezel

“I liked that I didn't have to re-chalk in between problems, it helped with my sweaty hands and the texture is nice. I've had a project that I've been working at the gym for 2 weeks and I sent it yesterday.”

Dillon Lawrence

“Unicorn Dust definitely has the best texture on the market! It's perfectly balanced to give me friction on my favorite Southern sandstone!”

Aidan W.

"You can feel the difference when chalking up, and it performs on a level untouched by other companies' chalk. This is especially important when all of your projects involve friction-dependent southern slopers!"

Mark P.

"I hiked in only to find the slopey dish at the crux baking in the sun, it didn't matter though, a few tries later I had sent my multi-year project with Unicorn Dust!”

Robert Quesada

“The Unicorn Dust blend went on my hands nice and smooth, not hard and brittle as other chalk I've tried. Above all it stayed on problem after problem of sandy chist & sandstone beach boulders with only 1 or 2 uses of my chalk bag! Im sold!”

Nick Zehrung

“I was blown away by the chalk and the texture is sticky and fine. I have extremely sweaty hands and the chalk stuck to them like glue.”

Andrew Lacombe

“Held up amazing...What I like most about the chalk was that I didn't have to use as much in between problems, and trust me, I use a lot of chalk for my sweaty hands.”