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When we were getting FrictionLabs started, Paul Robinson was one of the first pro climbers to convert to our chalk. He was also the very first one to visit us when we outgrew Kevin's basement and moved into our warehouse. Now that's love. Not only does he live and climb in wonderful Colorado like us, he's also a videographer, photographer, and classically trained artist, traveling to exotic places hunting for the best rock. We call him Climbing's Most Interesting Man.

We are so grateful to Paul for his support over the years. And we're thankful to be able to partner with him to bring a special offer to his followers.

"I have never felt a chalk that stays on my hands so long and keeps my hands as dry as FrictionLabs does."

- Paul Robinson

Just use the code prob2016 at checkout to get 20% off the whole Shop!
Limit one use per person.