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When we were first starting FrictionLabs, we got in touch with Evening Sends founder Andrew Bisharat. We sent him some samples of our chalk which, back then, was in clear plastic baggies we cut and filled by hand in a basement. It would've been easy to dismiss us, but instead, Andrew became one of the first to believe in us, writing an incredible review that put us on the map in the climbing world. We're so appreciative of both his support and his consistently incredible climbing stories, so we decided to make a special offer to his readers that will also support the Access Fund.

We've partnered with Evening Sends to give readers a discount on our chalk while also supporting the Access Fund. Access Fund works tirelessly on policy, land protection, conservation, support, and education. Below you'll find a special offer to Evening Sends readers. Proceeds from these products will help us contribute to the Access Fund, allowing us all to give back to an organization that does so much for climbers around the country.

"Wow, was I wrong! This chalk is awesome. The best compliment I can give to Friction Labs is that I didn’t even notice or really think about their chalk while climbing. I was focused just on the route and the movement, not on how my hands felt. I realized I had to chalk up way less, and my hands never felt greasy or wet."

- Andrew Bisharat, Evening Sends

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