Secret Stuff® Liquid Chalk

Indoor or outdoor, hot or dry, normal or sensitive skin...we've got the LIQUID CHALK solution for you! Choose from our family of liquid chalk products: Original Secret Stuff (45% alcohol), Alcohol Free Secret Stuff, and our newest product developed in response to the pandemic, Secret Stuff Hygienic (80% alcohol).

  • Original blend Secret Stuff is a 45% isopropyl alcohol based liquid chalk perfect for any training environment. 
  • Alcohol Free Secret Stuff is a gel based liquid chalk engineered for more arid conditions and sensitive skin.
  • NEW Secret Stuff Hygienic is an 80% ethyl alcohol based liquid chalk - the world's first Hygienic Chalk.
  • All work great indoors and outdoors.
  • Liquid chalk = less chalk dust and less mess.

Use Secret Stuff as a total chalk replacement or as a mid-session refresher. 

"It’s the best chalk to use. It always stays on longer and really sticks to my skin." - Kyram A.
"The stuff gives me the right grip during my kettlebell snatch workouts. Easy on and less mess..." - Adam V.

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